GPS speedo with windscreen mounting kit


Uses the latest High-sensitivity GPS technology which is 100% legal

Ready to use out of the box, includes pre-loaded speed camera database

Includes the widest range of speed cameras covering fixed and mobile speed cameras in the UK 

Simple, voice alerts, no messing about with confusing lights etc.

Plug and play solution straight out of the box and ready to use

Supports 12/24V power supply

Personal points of interests can be added to the database at a touch of a button

Database can be updated via a simple Internet connection (USB lead supplied)

Unique serial numbers allows us to turn off a unit if reported stolen

Functions whilst stationary

Displays Time

Displays Date

Demonstration / tutorial mode

Functions whilst on the move

Displays distance to camera

Voice warning alerts you if you a breaking the speed limit whilst approaching a camera

Once you are out of the 'danger zone' you will be given an audible warning

Displays speed when driving